Darryn Capes-Davis

Founding Director | Chair | Presenter | Producer

Spotlight Presenter/Producer and Chair Spotlight Focus Ltd. Darryn Capes-Davis has presented Spotlight with Dr Jim Jaggart OAM since July 2020. Darryn is Director & Company Secretary at Bicycle NSW, Radio Producer/Presenter, Podcast Presenter/Producer and Audio Engineer

Dr Jim Taggart OAM

Founding Director | Deputy Chair | Presenter

Spotlight Presenter and Deputy Chair Spotlight Focus Ltd. Dr Jim Taggart OAM has presented Spotlight with Darryn Capes-Davis since July 2020. Jim is a Chairman, Deputy Chairman to a number of Government Boards, Consultant, Risk Management & Business Development advisor.

Melissa Monteiro

Founding Director

Melissa Monteiro is a founding Director of Spotlight. Melissa is the CEO of the Community Migrant Resource Centre with an extensive background in the community sector.

Mercedes Durante

Founding Director | Secretary

Mercedes Durante is a Founding Director and Secretary of Spotlight Focus Ltd. Mercedes is a qualified and experienced banker and Finance Broker with 20 years extensive background in Banking & Finance.

Naresh Bishnoi

Founding Director | Company Secretary | Treasurer

Naresh is a Founding Director, Company Secretary and Treasurer of Spotlight Focus Ltd providing governance and accounting support.