Darryn Capes-Davis Wins 2021 CBAA Award

Winner of 2021 CBAA Award for Outstanding Volunteer Contribution
Winner of 2021 CBAA Award for Outstanding Volunteer Contribution

The CBAA announced that Spotlight Director, Presenter, Producer, Darryn Capes-Davis has been named 2021 CBAA’s Outstanding Volunteer Contributor. With more than 320 entries across 30 award categories and representing a diverse cross-section of the community radio sector, this year’s contest had some stiff competition.

Jon Bisset, CBAA’s CEO, said, “We congratulate this year’s winners. This year the entries were difficult to judge because the standard of work is always high and we congratulate everyone who participated. These awards are important for stations because they can help secure funding and sponsorship. We are very pleased for our winners.”

“My community radio journey has been a wealth of great learning experiences, leading to starting Spotlight with Jim Taggart back in July 2020” says Darryn. “To now be recognised with this national community radio award is a great accolade and I am proud of what I have done for Alive 90.5 FM and Spotlight”.

Darryn has contributed many activities to the effective running of Alive 90.5 FM. He was technical manager since Dec 2018, content manager since March 2019, interim Programming Committee Chair since Feb 2021 and Deputy Chair since March 2021. Darryn did not contest the 2021 AGM elections for Alive 90.5 FM instead choosing to focus on the development of Spotlight.

During time as interim Programming Chair of Alive 90.5 FM, Darryn facilitated many hours of Presenter training, including seeing promise in a guest, Matthew Caruana, who is now co-host of Business Insights with Mario Bekes.

CBAA announced winners via its Facebook page from 6-17 December. Winners for the Michael Law Award and Tony Staley Award will be presented at the CBAA Conference in March 2022

You can watch CBAA’s Danny Chiffley announcing the award online in the video below.