9.12.2020 – Bakous Makari

9.12.2020 - Bakous Makari

Bakous Makari joins Jim and Darryn sharing his inspirational story. Please support Bakous in quest to raise $50,000 for Jeans for Genes and Children’s Medical Research Institute.

Raising $35,000 for a charity by yourself isn’t easy – but then Bakous Makari has never had an easy life and that’s just fine with him.

“My goal is to give those going through difficult challenges, hope and courage in the midst of adversity.’’

Bakous has never given up hope. It was in 2011 that after suffering from long term leg pain, he went into surgery to remove a bone cyst and came out diagnosed with chondrosarcoma – a rare form of bone cancer. He was told by his doctor he had a few months to live and was advised that he could have a 30 per cent chance of survival if he amputated his entire leg from the hip. 

“I was told that I’d be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, as my prosthetic is quite heavy, extremely exhausting and physically challenging.’’

Today Bakous not only walks with a prosthetic, but he is taking on a six-week fitness challenge to raise money for the cancer research for Children’s Medical Research Institute in Westmead – and to inspire others to never give up hope.

“I’m generally a competitive person by nature and in every negative situation, I try and look for the positive, as I believe there’s always someone worse off than you,’’ Bakous said. While he was in hospital, a friend with cancer visited him. When Bakous got out of hospital, he attended that friend’s funeral.

“I feel blessed that I am alive, despite the odds,’’ he said. “I am determined to reach out to as many people to realise that when you are faced with adversity in life, that doesn’t mean you have to give up or lose hope.’’

As part of his six-week fitness challenge, Bakous has been competing against 40 able-bodied members at his gym. So far, he’s won the Plank Challenge, the Pull Up Challenge, Hang Test and the Push Up Challenge – all on one leg and without a prosthesis! He aims to raise $50,000 for cancer research and is already at $32,000 within a week of the campaign launch.

Within 12 months after his amputation, Bakous decided to serve his local community and successfully ran for Parramatta Council and was elected as Councillor and then elected as Deputy Lord Mayor. As part of his role, he did a tour of Children’s Medical Research Institute and met Dr Luciano Dalla-Pozza, who is the head of Oncologist at the Cancer Centre for Children at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

“Dr Dalla-Pozza stated during the visit, that the research is to save kids’ lives but also save losing a limb and I was amazed and very keen to help out. To think that one day children may not have to lose their limbs or their lives, I thought how incredible that was and felt a passionate drive to help. When I decided to do the fitness challenge, I decided it shouldn’t be just about challenging myself, but inspiring others to do the same and together we can hopefully save a live’s and save limbs.’’

If you’d like to donate to this cause visit: https://myj4gfundraiser.raisely.com/bakous-makari

All proceeds go to raising funds for kids with cancer research.