RUOK? Day – Thursday 9th September

When might I need to ask, “are you OK?”

There are times in life that can really challenge us. The people in your world won’t always tell you if something’s troubling them. So it’s important to consider who in your world might need to hear you ask, “are you OK?” Moments you might need to ask include:

  • When they’re experiencing relationship difficulties or a relationship breakdown.
  • When they’re experiencing increased levels of stress or constant stress.
  • When they’re experiencing financial difficulty.
  • When they’re going through a period of major change at work,
    home or in life.
  • When they’ve experienced the loss of someone or something
    they care about.
  • When they have a major health issue.

Spotlight supports R U OK? Day this Thursday 9th September 2021. There are many resources on Our favourite is Conversation Bingo!

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