2.3.2022 – Leanne Shelton

2.3.2022 - Leanne Shelton

Leanne Shelton, Content Marketing for Health and Wellness and Star dancing in Stars of Western Sydney Dance for Cancer speaks with Jim and Darryn about her passion for dance in her life and how she has found herself dancing as a Start in Stars of Western Sydney.

Landmark changes improving access to life saving cervical screenings

As we mark Cervical Cancer Awareness Week, the Morrison Government is ensuring all people eligible for a cervical screening test will be able to collect their own sample from 1 July 2022. Self-collection allows women to use a simple swab, similar to a COVID swab, to take a screening sample themselves instead of having a […]

Virtual Childhood Brain Cancer Awareness Day – Run for RUN DIPG

Sunday 26th September 2021. RUN DIPG STORY Two-year-old Josephine Laura Dun was diagnosed with the aggressive brain tumour ‘diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma’ (DIPG), in February 2018, daughter of local GP, Dr Phoebe Hindley (Dun), and of Biomedical Scientist, Dr Matt Dun. Matt’s research at the University of Newcastle, was primarily focused on Leukemia until Josie’s […]