Darryn Capes-Davis

Founding Director | Chair | Presenter | Producer

Spotlight Presenter/Producer and Chair Spotlight Focus Ltd. Darryn Capes-Davis has presented Spotlight with Dr Jim Jaggart OAM since July 2020. Darryn is Director & Company Secretary at Bicycle NSW, Radio Producer/Presenter, Podcast Presenter/Producer and Audio Engineer.

From Darryn

I am a board director, company secretary and professional engineer who currently works in roles across voiceover and radio & television broadcasting. I am actively involved in community radio as well as projects in partnership with other industry professionals. I am a producer and presenter of radio and television shows and projects, with skills spanning from audio production through to online marketing and business operations.

I am an experienced senior manager with 23 years experience applying my Engineering and ICT skills across roles in the community of Parramatta. My immediate past role as Head of Operations at the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI), Westmead, encompassed Building Facilities, ICT, BioResources (Small Animal Facility), Scientific Support and Specialised Medical Research Imaging.

I love to lead by enabling and facilitating teams and then getting out of the way to let them get the job done. This gives me time to concentrate on the subtleties of change management, leveraging on my own self awareness to manage change with a direct but caring touch.

I have lived in the Parramatta community for more than 20 years and hold local and state level Board appointments. I am involved in the community through my work, always volunteering to fundraise for charity organisations including CMRI, Cancer Council, and Police Legacy. I also have an active role in cycling advocacy at both a local level (Bike North) and state level (Bicycle NSW).

I am passionate about history and heritage, particularly in learning from the past to inform and guide the future. I will always strive to see history inform and shape the future of our great City of Parramatta.