Unpacking vaping in schools: a community consultation project

What is involved if you choose to take part?

Your school’s involvement in this study is voluntary, and if you choose not to participate this will not impact on your relationship with the PERU team. 

If you choose to take part, we will require the school to send an email and Participant Information Sheet, which we will provide to you, to the following groups requesting their involvement:

Students: one class (any year group)

Parents – parents and carers in your school (The numbers depend on what works for your school)

Teachers – all teachers at your school (The numbers depend on what works for your school)

Each session will run for 90 minutes and will be held:

  • at your school at a time of your choosing (for students)
  • online via Zoom (for parents and teachers)

Note: the teacher session can be held at your school if a F2F consult is preferred.

Professor Smita Shah, Kym Rizzo Liu (Project coordinator) and Emma Sainsbury (Senior Research Officer) will be there to facilitate the sessions.

On completion of the sessions, your school will receive a summary report with de-identified results. Your school will also be given the opportunity to trial any anti-vaping resources and programs that we develop.

This study has obtained ethics approval from both the University of Sydney Human Ethics Committee and the NSW Department of Education State Education Research Approval Process (SERAP).

Contact Information

Phone: 02 8890 6505
Fax: 02 8890 5310
Email: WSLHD-Westmead-PERU@health.nsw.gov.au
PO Box 533, Westmead NSW 2145